Sunday, August 20, 2006

misc. pics

one of the typical dishes called monoo (pronounced like mono which makes me think of monkey in spanish) . . . it's some type of grain with a peanut paste on top but I'm not too sure about the details....tasty though.

The daily effects of the rainy season, August is the month of heaviest rainfall and the dirt roads are not up for it
A kid with whom we went to a Mennonite church in a village outside the city
Cora de la Rosa, a WEC missionary intern, Balanding, and I took a walk to see the Atlantic ocean . . . it looked like the Jersey Coast but with more palm trees and cliff formations
Michael Teteh, the literacy coordinator for the Bible society, walking past a traditional construction

The name of the Mandinka primer is "Ă‘aamen Caaboo” which means “key to wisdom” and the cover is below:

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