Tuesday, August 8, 2006

more local flavor

we have monkeys here . . . blub blub blub blub

Jampierre, one of the literacy leaders we’re training and his family. Pray for them and the Mennonite church that he’ll be leading.

A group of kids in Pirang enjoying the shade of this giant tree

Bro. Michael, the coordinator of all the work that we’ve been doing here . . . he’s now working as the literacy coordinator for the United Bible Society in The Gambia. Pray for him as he heads up the ministry here.

A mennonite church in Pirang where we enjoyed incredible worship


  1. I love your pictures! This place looks amazing

  2. Gregory Bangura3:02 PM

    Thank God for what He is doing your lives. The meeting under the tent reminds me of the meetings we hold in the villages.
    Gregory Bangura



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