Friday, March 7, 2008

Prayer Requests

- we're now in Guatemala (staying in Pastor Mejias' house, where Emily stayed 2 summers ago) and preparing for a training with Calvario Internacional - the training will be for a group of 13 missions major students from Christ for the Nations. Pray that they too would catch the vision and feel the importance of both Literacy and English minsitries.

- our other main goal for this coming week is to lay groundwork for a larger Literacy Institute in the future to train up national leaders. Pray that God would open up doors for us to accomplish this according to his perfect will and timing.

- thank you for your prayers regarding Emily's health . . . her cough and sinus pressure have gone away gracias a Dios. The only thing that we're left with is a little traveler's diarrhea which never hurt anybody. All in all, God has really protected our health and we're grateful.

- Pray that the Light of World, Jesus Christ, would penetrate in this dark corner of Guatemala - The Petén.

1 comment:

  1. Our Dear Emily and Tedd...
    What a joy it is to be able to "travel" with you as you continue on your mission....Indeed it is a blessing as well to watch as you both continue to follow your calling in obedience to God...
    Praying for you both and with MUCH Love,
    Aunt Marti and Uncle James



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