Wednesday, October 8, 2008


All is well in Nicaragua and we've had lots of open doors to meet with pastors, Bible colleges, and other believers who are interested in developing a literacy ministry in their area. Please pray that God would speak to those people that he's ordained to take the big leader's training in Nov. and become part of the ministry team here. some pics are below:

pastor alfredo - please pray for him and the believers in the Petén.

Gallo pinto - tasty rice n beans is the standard meal here in Nicaragua

visiting with P. Victor and his Creole speaking church in Pearl Lagoon. lots of illiteracy in and around his area. hoping to have a representative from his church start a literacy min. there.

Visiting the Oasis of Love church; they will also be sending a rep. to the Leader's training in Nov.

most transportation in the Atlantic Coast river communities is by boat


  1. Hi! Thanks for your sweet comment!
    I enjoyed reading a bit of your blog. We have been trying to get on the feild for awhile now, so blogs like your are encouraging and inspiring.
    We have friends in Nica. I wonder if you have met them. Adam and Rachel Todd? I know that Nica is huge but Rach says that alot of the missionaries there get together during holidays etc.
    I can give you her email if you want.
    Bless you

  2. Hi Cari! thanks so much. we don't know adam and rachel but it would great to meet up with them. pls. pass on their email or number when you get a chance.
    grace and peace,
    emily and tedd



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