Saturday, March 21, 2009


books and blogs couldn’t contain all the good things God has done and allowed us to see even in the short time we’ve been in India.

We arrived in Delhi on March 6th, got cheated by some taxi drivers, flew the following day to West Bengal in North East India. We’ve been working with Gyan, LEI’s first national missionary who’s been serving faithfully for the past 8 years.

We started work straightaway. The Sadri primer construction has gone great. Gyan is leading the team and another LEI missionary, Chrystella is helping as well. In the last two weeks we’ve completed 90 lessons. Today we’ll spend some time revising it before doing the initial field test printing. Emily wowed me again and learned to type in the Hindi script (400+) characters in just these two weeks. This has enabled us to leave the team with a ready-to-use copy of the primer so that there’s no loss of momentum in the literacy ministry.

The team is excited because this primer will be the first printed book EVER in the Sadri language. The New Testament in Sadri is due to come out in 2010 or 2011 so hopefully many will be reading by then.

We have a very serious situation here and would appreciate your prayers. Just yesterday, Gyan’s mother-in-law had a stroke and fell. She’s unable to speak and can’t move most of her body. Pray for healing and holy spirit comfort. Thanks.

some pictures:

emily typing the lessons into the mac

the sadri primer construction team

chow time - rice, lentils, bitter greens, and goat curry
the artist
checking the stories they wrote on the board


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