Tuesday, April 14, 2009

We're Home!

We're back in the USA - we like it here!  The guy at the immigration desk checked our passports and our forms, gave us a big warm smile and said "Welcome home."  That felt great.  

So we were in India and Pakistan and it was an amazing experience.  Particularly for me, (Emily speaking here) because I've never been to Asia before.  We spent four long weeks in India working with a team to construct a "primer" (a reading/writing book) in the Sadri language.  We were up early, down late, and wading through the typical challenges that come with a cross-cultural and multi-lingual setting.  It's like working out a big puzzle as a team and I loved the challenge and fast-paced environment.  Now we've got a Sadri primer being corrected and revised before we print a field-test copy.  

team at work

lunch break - yum!

For more pictures from India, visit our facebook album


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