Friday, June 26, 2009

Three Amigos

Here we are, the Three Amigos, out looking for adventure and spectacular sights, good fellowship, and literacy training promotional meetings...
It's Tedd the tall, Emily blue-eyes, and Shoko "la chinita" ("the little chinese").  That's what the people in Guatemala called out to her at least; "ah, look at the chinita."  "She's Japanese," we'd explain, "her name is Shoko."  "Tzchoko" they would repeat, "SHoko" we'd say, "Tzchoko..." 
 (Oh well)

Yes, our Japanese friend, Shoko, joined us on our trip to Guatemala and boy, was she a huge blessing to us!  We had lots of great prayer times together, she supported us at our meetings, encouraged us tremendously, and provided great company!  

Here are some pictures of our three-week excursion.

This is what we actually came to do - meetings.  Here's Tedd with Jessica Miron, working out details for recruiting training participants and planning for an English Ministry training...just so you know that we did do some work ;-)  It's kind of awkward taking pictures of meetings...(but in this case, Jessica's really laid-back and cool like that)

In between meetings, we were really excited to give Shoko a taste of Guatemala (both figuratively and literally):

"Marimba" is the name of this xylophone-looking instrument.  This father/son band was in Antigua, playing to get tips from tourists.  The small guy on the far left is playing turtle shells!

Ah yes, the mounds of delicious, exotic, colorful, and inexpensive fruits and veggies!

baby on board for real!

"TT" and I

Tikal for Tedd's 27th Birthday - we had a blast!

Another meeting with a family living on a Bible Institute campus.  This is a candid shot I thought was interesting....

That's better!

Shoko and I got to go to church one Sunday in the village "Nuevo Cesaltul."  
(If you're into anthropology, this picture is a great representation of how our cultures unintentionally 'teach' us to pose for pictures...cameras aren't very common in Nuevo Cesaltul)

Tedd did an hour-long interview on a local Christian TV station to talk about prayer and then to give a quick "commercial" about the literacy training we're planning for July.  He did an excellent job (especially for the pressure of being on TV and interviewing in your second language!)  He encouraged people to pray using Scripture and to start making realistic efforts to pray each day, like for 2 minutes a day and so was very relevant and down-to-earth.  (That's something I really love about him!)

I was sick for a week (booo), but I really wanted to come to the studio to listen to Tedd and I was really glad I did!

So that's a quick glimpse of our trip to Guatemala!  Thanks for tuning in!


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