Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Likia in Pictures

We finished Lesson 5 today and we still have an average of 12 students per class!!

This village is out in the "campo" (the countryside - a.k.a. "the boonies"). There was a prophesy in the church a couple years ago that gringos would come visit them one day, and they said they thought that it would never happen because they live out in the middle of nowhere, but're it (the day my brother came with us and shared a devotional). You mean us kids, Lord?Perhaps they take the class more seriously because of the prophesy, we don't know. We also get the impression that it must be one of the most exciting things going on out there right now (they're really isolated and it's a break from the mundane - some sort of activity for them to be a part of), but we're thrilled to know that the majority are eager to read the Bible!

Brother "Modesto" is 86 years old and sharp as a tack.
He's learning to read using the materials and God's help! Incredible!

working on the writing section

Our best student, "Josefa," reads aloud for the class.

We're so excited to finally share with you some of these precious photos of the class God has given us in Likia. We truly sense His presence with us and His providence with this class. We're learning so much from them and are incredibly blessed to be a part of this experience.

and for next week's post (perhaps sooner)...
Today, I helped the pastor's wife make this chicken dish...from scratch...

...starting with a live chicken.

And she wants me to do it again so I can get more practice! YIKES!

More about that "adventure" to come.

Much love in Christ our Lord,
T & E

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  1. Anonymous11:14 AM

    WOW It is so amazing to see GOD at work through the 2 of YOU!! I am a friend of your gammy's - Sandy R. I am praying for many more open doors of opportunity for you all to walk thru with God's Help!!
    Because of HIM,



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