Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Bhojpuri Primer Construction

Here's a pictorial walk through the past 3 weeks of the first ever Bhojpuri literacy primer and LEI Teacher Training Workshop:

Bro MK teaching his wife lesson 1 of the Bhojpuri primer

MK's son goes to town on the Dholak

Spinach curry prep

obligatory asian toilet shot


adding the coriander powder

Raj Lotus

trying not to smile

MK and kids

rough draft of a lesson

lively discussion

Gyan working to input the stories in the computer

Gyan speaks like 8 languages and was the lead LEI consultant

Rajesh didn't want to wear that metal plate on his head.  This brother is a church planter par excellence 

goofing around

new words from each new lesson go on the wall

Lesson 21 from the Bhojpuri primer

portable ladder

cows may be gods here but they don't eat like they are

india's famous (or infamous) auto-rickshaw

starting everyday with worship

showing off the Bhojpuri N.T.

chow time

eating with hands is tastier

my favorite - Chotelal - great cook who started to read and write while we were there. 

so much smarter than tracking dirt into buildings

LEI consultants

MK & Chystella lead first ever Bhojpuri teacher training workshop with the new primer 

Chrystella helps coach new volunteer trainers at Teacher Training Workshop 

the famous water buffalo

this brother on the left was learning to write for the first time! 

Chotelal taking a break from cooking to come practice his writing 

making wordcard holders at the teacher training workshop

master tabla/dholak player

the newly trained teachers

chotelal's wife sporting one of her many colorful sarees

deep in thought or snoozing? you decide.
one of the things I admire about India is how nothing goes to waste. This is cow poo that is packed together and slapped on the wall (while still fresh).....when it dries, it's great fuel for burning. 

close-up (notice the hand print)

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  1. These are FANTASTIC, Tedd!! Thanks for posting!!



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