Monday, June 29, 2015

ILTI 2015

We just wrapped up our 2015 International Literacy Training Institute (ILTI).  It was a smaller group than normal, but we have seen that often investing in a just handful of people can yield more fruit than training large numbers of people.  The majority of the participants this year were Africans, which meant great times of singing and worship!  Please join us in praying for them as they return to their countries and mobilize people for literacy ministry.    

finishing up the "leading teacher training workshops" course

Teaching on why literacy is such an excellent vehicle for witness and discipleship
we had the privilege to team teach this year with Dr. James Kigamwa (far right)
praying before the noon-day meal

getting some blood pumping with african worship choruses

we got to share our testimony during chapel and then the group prayed over our family

Claire carrying on the Lodes baby tradition of eating everyone's name tag 

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