Wednesday, October 28, 2015


Missionary Interns from Go To Nations Timothy Internship Program
I had the privilege to continue our partnership with Go to Nations, a great mission-sending agency building God’s Kingdom all over the world.  I had a great time training the missionary interns for their bi-annual Timothy Internship Program in San Pedro Sula, an innovative hands on training covering a wide variety of missional outreach that I would recommend to anybody interested in missions and seeking what their specific niche might be.
Teaching literacy songs and popularizing the international water jug drum
The second training I did was actually in a church in Santa Cruz de Yohoa where I did a training about 7 years ago.  This church did literacy ministry for a while and several people learned to read their Bibles.  But the teachers I trained then either moved to a different city, or stopped going to that church.  When I got in touch with the Pastor last month, he was very excited about starting up the literacy ministry again with new teachers.  I told him to just get a small group of the most committed people.  
Finding Bible passages that show God's desire for all to read His word

Graciela teaching (she and her family were also kind to host me in their home during the workshop)

Practice teaching

In the end we had 4 amazing participants.  One of them, Oneyda, shared how her husband, and 6 out of her 10 siblings, were all illiterate, so she was going to start to teach them first.  Her husband isn’t a Christian and is reluctant to go to church but he IS interested in in learning how to read!  I’m looking forward to giving an update in early 2016 about the progress of these classes. 
Oneyda practice teaching the witness/discipleship part of the lesson

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