Thursday, August 3, 2006

prayer requests

please pray:

  • for the primer construction team (all 14 of us) as we go through each lesson and edit everything . . . that our wisdom and ability would come from God and be above what we can do on our own.

  • for a man named Ngor who is the linguist on the team. His family is strongly devoted to Islam and he has to maintain a “Nicodemus” kind of profile here. I just would ask that you pray for the Lord to strengthen him, expand his faith, and bring salvation to his home and family.

  • for people who are here making the primer to really catch the vision and become strong leaders that will multiply this ministry for His glory.

tomorrow and Saturday as well we’ll be spending all day on the editing of all the lessons. Then, I’ll be busy piecing together all the misc. parts of the primer and completing the desktop publishing. Pray that every plan of Satan against this work would be nullified in Jesus’ name.

My health has been great and my energy level high. God is good! See ya’s


  1. Hey Tedd. Congrats on the engagement. So what country are you saving this summer?

  2. hey John, thanks! currently in the Gambia...but still thinking about Saltillo and bird seed :-)



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