Thursday, August 3, 2006

update august 3rd

hello again,

sorry for my less-than-regular updates . . . although internet cafés are abundant here in Banjul, the capital, our team starts the day at 8:30 and doesn’t end till about 9 pm. So there hasn’t been time for much else. But everything is going great and just yesterday we finished all 72 Lessons in the Mandinka literacy primer! Praise the Lord! The team is in good spirits and thanking God for his grace in allowing us to complete all the lessons. Now the only thing we have left to do is editing and piecing the book together.

Monday we start with a one week leadership training so that the literacy ministry will be propagated by the very same people who wrote the primer. I’m excited because these guys are really committed to this work. The Mandinka population where these people come from is about 80 % illiterate so they are all excited about going back and beginning the work.

Emily just back to the USA and so I thank God for her safe return and for the incredible experience she lived there in the belly of Guatemala. Communication should be easier now.

Love to you all,

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