Friday, April 4, 2008

Down in the Arkansas (March/April 2008)

Hi friends & family! Tedd & I are currently in Ft. Smith and our latest activities include moving into our first home (!!) and planning for the ILTI (International Literacy Training Institute) in Peru. We just give God all the glory for His provision and love...we’ve been so blessed by His grace to see His working all around us, and our hearts are full of praise!

In other news, Tedd & I have been so blessed to meet our new neighbors Ben & Ashley. It all started with one of our apartments flooding while we were still in Nicaragua. “All things work for good,” right? But it was a test trusting through this one…despite efforts by the property manager, when we arrived back in the states after the flooding, the carpet still squished with two-week-old rainwater. Not only was the carpet for sure ruined, but we also had a major mold problem on our hands. BUT, in the end, it was an event that caused us to meet our great neighbors who since have helped us with several handy jobs, joined us for meals, and battled with us in prayer. (And the flooded apartment is now back under control…and tiled). God has already anointed our home with peace, love, and ministry in the few weeks that we’ve lived here and we are so thrilled and thankful!

We leave for Peru in one week (April 10th) and we’ll return to the U.S. at the end of May, just in time for our one-year anniversary! Thank you for your interest in what God is doing in our lives, for your prayers, and encouragement. Please keep writing - we want to stay updated with what’s happening in each of your lives.

We ask you would lift up the people who will be attending the training (ILTI) in Peru. We’re praying that they would receive not only the skills they need to teach literacy, but also be moved and inspired by God to surrender to His calling for each of their lives.

(Pictures coming soon)


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