Saturday, April 12, 2008

Peru Spring 2008

Hi folks! Here we are in Ica, Peru (praise the Lord!) after a very adventure-filled couple of days. As always, things picked up and we got really busy the week leading up to our trip. To add to it, the night that we were packing and tying up loose ends, the weather got pretty nasty and we actually wound up at a tornado shelter just hours before leaving for the airport! Unfortunately, but knowing God has a purpose for everything (truly!), we experienced golfball-sized hail and it did quite a number on the Echo´s windshield & to our rental property.

This was probably the largest hail I'd ever experienced (this is even after it had a chance to melt a bit).

It covered the ground like snow in only moments...

Poor Echo. (I think Tedd counted at least 10 hits!)

It was so powerful, the hail just went through these shutters like bullets (golfball-sized bullets, that is). One hail-ball knocked a hole right through our roof!

The sirens, the shelter, the pounding hail, the property damage, the was a surreal night! Through it all, the Lord brought us out safely and we were able to get to the airport in Fayetteville the next morning (thanks Mom). Upon arriving, we were told our flight was cancelled (despite our efforts to call ahead of time), but once again, the Lord took care of us and we were able to take a Delta flight at no extra cost and it only put us an hour behind. Whew...and finally we´re here. The place is beautiful and we have high hopes for the training ahead! Thank you for your prayers and support. We see God´s hand all over this - may He be glorified greatly through this training! Amen.

a cabin at the "hotel arrabal" here in Ica

It's a very beautiful place

There are horses walking around here! This was our first time to ever pet a colt...I hope to make friends with him throughout the month.


  1. I like the photo with Tedd petting the horse. I imagined that it was a full grown horse and Tedd was a giant! Great camera angle. :-)

  2. LOL @ Dathan.

    Nick told me about both your blog and the hail. Wow. On the first, I'm glad for a way to keep up on your doings. For the second, you both have a great perspective. Blessings, Abigail Joy.



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