Tuesday, September 16, 2008

As Fall Rolls In

Hi everyone!  We've been in Fort Smith for the majority of the summer, visiting with lots of friends (old & new) and family, doing LEI work, and planning for the year ahead.  Here are some glimpses of our life over the past month or so.  

*Hosting an indian food/cranium party at our house with local friends*

*A tri-stand banner display I designed for LEI to use at missions conferences.*

*Painted murals in the kids' church room @ River Valley Community Church with my mom*

*Painted scripture on the wall in our bathroom :-)  It's Tedd's favorite from Deuteronomy where the king is instructed to study and copy the law so he won't turn from it and won't look down on others.*

*shucking and freezing home-grown corn with my Grammy*

* Spending a day with the Biederman's kids @ the zoo in Tulsa, OK *

These are just a few pictures from our summer - it's been a good one!  After a long summer at home, we have some plans ahead for traveling and doing more LEI work:

1. Philadelphia for some family time & then flying out to...
2. Nicaragua/Guatemala (Sept. 29th - Nov. 24th)
3. Thanksgiving in Philly (Nov. 24th-Dec.9th)
4. Three Weddings & Christmas Break (Dec. 10th-Jan.)
5. Guatemala (Jan.)
6. India?? (Spring)
7. Colombia?? (Summer)

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  1. Noel y Jessica12:40 AM

    Saludos desde Peru al amigo que ya parece que quiere ser father....Dios les bendiga



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