Thursday, October 23, 2008

Fall 2008

Fall is definitely my favorite season.  When I found out we would leave Arkansas on September 29th and return December 9th, I felt a little sad we'd miss out on the majority of the fall season.  However, the Lord blessed us with some beautiful fall days just before we left.  The trees hadn't turned yet, but we experienced some cool weather and opened all the windows, took a walk in our jackets under a full moon, and made it out to the cabin for a few was such a treat!  - Em

This is the cabin.  We love the cabin - out in the middle of nowhere in the woods of Arkansas. It's a great respite for tired hunters and a cozy setting for Thanksgiving feasts.  

This is Ruie (and Tedd :-) - she's the doggy we "puppysat" for a whole week!  We LOVED having her around!!

A praying mantis we found on our fence.  It's so alien-like!

Try not to let this picture alarm you :-)  It's just chocolate.  Our friends Risa & Kevin came over the weekend before we left for Nicaragua and we made homemade butterfingers!  They were delicious and we had a lot of fun making a mess of the dipping chocolate.

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