Wednesday, October 29, 2008

It’s been a whole month now since we first arrived in Nicaragua.  This half of the trip has been a successful one.  We’ve visited different cities all over the country to talk with pastors and church leaders about sending a literacy leader to the training coming up in November and we’ve done a lot of planning in between. 

There are two trainings coming up in November:

1.     1.  English Language Ministry Training

This training will take place from November 3 – 7.  The trainees, many of whom are English-speaking missionaries to Nicaragua, will learn how to use LEI’s English materials.  These materials contain Bible content and spiritual topics that create an environment for evangelism to naturally and casually take place in the “classroom.”

Among the trainees is a church planter who hopes to use LEI’s English classes as a way of drawing people, developing relationships, and evangelizing in his community.  He believes that offering an English class will be an effective tool for a new church plant in his area.


2.     2.  Literacy Ministry Institute –

The literacy institute is a more intensive training for Christian leaders who want to use literacy as a mode of evangelism and discipleship in Nicaragua.  This training will be November 10 – 22 in Managua.  It is very similar to the ILTI training that is held each summer at the LEI headquarters in Tulsa, OK (only the time is significantly reduced for the convenience of the locals who cannot afford to leave work for more than two weeks).  The entire training will be given in Spanish.

Trainees will not only learn how to teach reading and writing through the LEI primers, but will also be trained to teach others how to use the primers as well (much like what Tedd & I do).  They will be the “literacy leaders” who train local church volunteers in different communities how to use the primers so that the ministry can multiply exponentially!


If you are supporting us in prayer, we ask that you would please pray for the different aspects of the trainings ahead: that Tedd and I would be well-prepared to teach, that the trainees would arrive safely and with God-prepped hearts to receive a passion for the ministry, and for everyone’s health and unity throughout the trainings (we will all be living together at a retreat center).

We thank you immensely for your prayers and for your interest in what’s happening with us here, and we hope to get in touch with you when we return to the States. 

Here are a few pictures from the past month here in Nicaragua: 

Our friends (Gilda & Ricardo) with their grandson (Josiah) in Sebaco

We visited several pastors in Matagalpa, one of whom showed us his church and school where they were hosting a heritage festival.  These children were doing a traditional dance to honor their roots.

This is the Rutledge Family - we stayed with them in Jinotega while we made contacts.  They are Earl & Beverly with their 7 children (from young adult to toddler), who are involved in church-planting throughout Nicaragua.  They were a very hospitable and inspiring family to be with!

This is the Anderson Family in Costa Rica - we had a great time seeing them and their ministry there!  They're such a fun family!


  1. Thanks for the update guys! I loved reading every bit of this post and others! Will be praying.
    Love and Blessings,

  2. Always a blessing to know what you are up to!! Thanks for keeping us updated and being faithful to share what the Lord is doing.



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