Sunday, November 9, 2008

The first week of training has ended and it went really well!  

Above: these are some of the participants who completed the trainings.

The first two and a half days was the literacy training, followed by two and .half days of English Language Ministry training.  All of the participants are missionaries to Nicaragua who were adding "tools their tool-belts" to use in their ministries.

LEI's Don Edic came to Nicaragua to head up the English Ministry training with his updated curriculum "Building a Firm Foundation."

Don uses highly-interactive methods to help students jump right into useful English conversations.

The Nicaraguan ladies in this picture showed up as students, or English learners, to be our "guinea pigs."  They came to help all of us practice our English-teaching skills!

Above: the students showing off their newly-earned literacy certificates.  There were a few in particular who
 were very excited to take what they've learned and immediately apply it to their areas of ministry!

Below:  Sandra Arellanes, another LEI missionary from Mexico, also came to assist with the literacy training.  She will also be a teacher at the two-week training coming up.  She's good!

Above: I (Em) helped teach several parts of the literacy training and it was a really great experience for me.  Here we are demonstrating how to teach a basic literacy lesson.

I also had a little scare the night after the training ended.  I had severe vomiting and diarrhea to the point of dangerous dehydration.  Tedd took me to the hospital to get an emergency I.V.  Turns out I had parasites AND a bacterial infection...a combination that had me very ill.  I'm doing much better now - I'm already eating solid foods and my energy levels are almost back to normal, all thanks to God!  His overriding peace and His protection proved faithful through the suffering and I'm pretty sure I'll be back to normal in a few days.  Thank you for your prayers that cover us as we travel.

The second phase of our trip is approaching!  The training will start in a couple days.  Please pray that the participants will arrive safely and that they would have hearts prepared to catch the vision for literacy ministry in their country for the sake of the Gospel!

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