Thursday, November 20, 2008

Nicaragua ILTI

Part I

We've completed the first week and 1/2 of the ILTI training here in San Marcos, Nicaragua and I am personally so touched by each of the participants.  When we first arrived, we were surprised to see so many youth that had come to be leaders.  Unlike any training I've attended before, I feel the Holy Spirit working in my heart for each of the youth and adults that are here participating -- I feel such a deep love for them!  Many of them have caught the vision of literacy as a ministry and even a few are feeling God's calling to do this ministry full-time in Nicaragua.  As we are isolated from our home towns and living together, eating together, working together, playing together, PRAYing together, we have already experienced the closeness and unity of the Body of Christ.   -- Em

Nicaragua has a special place in our hearts.  

Here are some photos from the training:

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