Monday, November 24, 2008

Nicaragua ILTI

Part II

The training has come to an end and we had thirteen participants "graduate" on Friday.  Before the certificate ceremony, we all got together and played a great game of baseball, the national sport here in Nicaragua.  It was a blast (but unfortunately I don't have any pictures b/c my battery died).  On the way home the next day, we sang songs together on the bus all the way to the capital (Tedd even had his guitar out!), and then we all said goodbye, though it was very difficult.  We became like family within a couple weeks, which makes perfect sense, because weare family in Christ, huh?  It's been a great 2 months here in Nicaragua and we hope to return in the future to encourage and do follow-up with our new (and old) dear friends who are doing literacy ministry in their beloved country.  

One of our participants, Marlene, had to leave at the beginning of the training because her son, Rene, had a fatal case of dengue.  We've been praying for him a lot, and if you could pray with us, I know it would be a blessing to Marlene!  Rene is still alive and has been improving, so we are just asking God to have His way, and to heal Rene as a miraculous testimony to the people living in their community.  She and another participant who came to the training (Josue) live in a part of Nicaragua where there is a strong evil presence because of witchcraft that is prevalent among the people.  Josue has an incredible testimony that I felt led to film so that others can hear - I hope to post it soon.  Please pray for Marlene and her son Rene.

Here are some pictures of the end of our trip:

We're now at the airport heading back to the United States of America! (a country that we are most fond of )  We'll be spending some time in Oreland (near Philadelphia) with Tedd's family and then heading to Arkansas.  We had a wonderful experience in Nica., but we're so excited to come home!

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  1. Tedd, I see you put on your tie for the awarding certificates ceremony.
    Remember, my dad got upset because I didn't dress up "properly" for graduation so I had to retake some pics in my suit!
    Glad you guys are back! Enjoy Philly and then see u later in the Razorbacks land.



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