Monday, January 11, 2010

Witches, Alcohol, & Jesus...

During the Regional Literacy Training Institute (RLTI) in Nicaragua last year, we met Josue.

Josue (posing with a sucker in his mouth)

Josue kept every one laughing.  He was giggly, funny, and tender-hearted.  Each day before lunch, a participant would share his or her testimony and Josue kept saying "I can't wait to tell you all my testimony."  We couldn't imagine what he wanted to tell so badly.  We had no idea that our cheerful, carefree friend had so much darkness and despair in his past...

When his day came to tell his testimony, we all listened in amazement.  By the end, we were all praising God with tears for bringing Josue out of darkness and into His light and joy through the Lord, Jesus Christ!

Josue giving his testimony

praying for Josue 

We asked Josue to tell it again to the camera, and he's happy to share his testimony with you now...


  1. Josue's testimony is amazing.

    I wish I could thank him for sharing it.

  2. 'Witches, alcohol and Jesus' video is an awesome witnessing tool when evangelizing to Budhists and Hindus for sure!



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