Sunday, March 7, 2010

Aqui Estamos!

Here we are!

Wow! We have seriously felt your prayers being answered! I mean, wow! We haven´t even been here a whole week and we literally came here knowing one person and nothing else, and now we´ve met pastors, visited two villages, rented a home, gotten tons of interest in English and Spanish-literacy classes, and we´ve been loaned a dog, a bed, and a stove! Wow!

As much as we´ve seen already, I have lots of great pictures in my memory, but not on my camera. There´s a lot of sensitivity here about rich vs. poor, so we´re trying to build relationships before we whip out the camera. But I can show you pictures of our new place:
Our pink house!
(The one on the right is not part of our house, in case you were curious)

This is the kitchen sink, bathroom sink, water tank, and washing machine :-)
This is the classroom for English classes (and guest bedroom on left)

Cooking our first home-cooked meal!
Our dog ¨Bellozo¨ loaned to us for the 6 months by a local pastor to be a companion and guard dog.
I don´t have a lot of time at the moment for writing more info, but I´ll try to make it back to the cyber café soon so we can keep blogging with all the good news.

Thank you for your prayers!!!! We feel safe, are in good health, and have been provided for above and beyond!


  1. Great to see you there and getting settled in. Good luck with the hand laundering, wow! Looks like you found a great place, guys. We'll be praying!

  2. The best part from all the above was... you got a dog loaned to you! The pink house has was pretty great too, though. Just want to say that I've been keeping up with you guys and totally stoked for you- so when is that trip to Thailand going to happen, eh?:)

  3. Anonymous9:07 AM

    So,so,so good to hear from you, Tedd & Em!! Bellozo looks p happy to hang out with you, Em! good to see Tedd doing some cooking! looks like a one man (or woman) stove! Wow! just think how the Lord has your provision in mind before you even got there!--much,much love to you all. (~: (~:

  4. Tedd & Em- hey! looking for some more Rio Blanco news! Julia is quite a story teller...stranger than fiction posts for sure. keep us in touch, OK?
    my fav pic is of Em & Bellozo! what a great name for a smiling dog! We are way too quiet here, but loving to hear from Jules. i wrote under anonymous cause I couldn't figure out how to post my name (~:



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