Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Joy of Teaching!

the church in Likia where literacy classes are held

First Spanish literacy class scheduled for Thursday in "Likia."
Likia is fairly far away, so we borrowed a motorcycle.

Made it to Likia.
Motorcycle stopped working...a part fell off.
Looked for it; didn't find it.
"You should stay the night here. There's no way back into town tonight" - Pastor
"We would, but we have to let our dog out" - T & E
(What's up with these people and their dog? - they must be thinking)

Students arrived for the first class.
We do the pre-reading lesson. So far so good.
Elderly man (with a great personality) needs reading glasses.
We give him the last pair.
He can see!

Tedd makes phone calls so we can get back home.
I'm left alone to start the class - deep breath.
Start with prayer. Lord, please help us to learn to read Your Word.
Step 1, step 2, step 3...
Step 4, test their comprehension with word cards one-on-one...
They could read the words!!!
on to step 5 until we reach the end of the lesson...

The Lord gave me the desire to encourage...
I told them that the Bible is illegal in some countries
The Bible is a treasure!
They can learn to read God's Word - it has wisdom, and promises, and shows us how to live...
They said "Amen!"
We end in prayer.
The elderly man stands up to return the reading glasses.
I tell him they're his, "it's a gift."
He pauses, surprised, gives me a big smile, and says "May the Lord bless you, sister!"
Everyone starts to clap as the man takes his seat.

I left with great joy in my heart!!

How did we leave Likia, you wonder?
On horseback :-)

Our butts are really sore.

The end.


  1. I am enoying reading your blogs. Thanks for the updates.

  2. Jera B.11:15 PM

    Just want you to know I love your updates! I live vicariously through you until I am free of school!

  3. What a great experience. Sounds like your students have a sweet spirit and are eager to learn. What a blessing they must be!

  4. Janice, thanks so much for reading!

    Jera, you're getting closer! Thanks for the encouragement!

    Brad & Amy, Yes! It is a wOnderful class, they're so eager to learn; a very different attitude than what we've experienced elsewhere...they're way out in the boonies, so the opportunity to learn is highly valued, it seems.



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