Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Picture Update

English classes are still going strong. In fact, we're up to 35 students! We've got some more pictures to give you a glimpse:

Tedd works with the boys in Class A to act out: "Some friends don't help, but a true friend is closer than your own family." (a simplified version of Proverbs 18:24)

They're a little ornery & rambunctious, but they're precious and we hope they'll know how much we love them!

To add to the fun, each student gets to pick an English name.
The two boys above are "Skip" and "Ben"

Chain drill:
"Hi, Jessica! Do you have a phone?" "Yes, I do. Do you have a phone?" "No, I don't."

Teens from Class B (our very favorite class!) act out the proverb.

Tedd helps them break down the meaning of the verse.

On another note, Tedd is giving Pastor Marlon from Likia (where we do Spanish Literacy classes) piano lessons. This pastor is a very gentle-spirited, hard-working, and humble man - we really hope to serve him as much as we can while we're here. He's also attending the English classes three times a week (he comes into town by horse - a 3hour trip!)

and here's a random one for you...I would like to title this post "Laundry Day."

And in other news...

You may see the motorcycle there in the picture above - it was borrowed so we could go to literacy class the next day. We were praying about what to do about transportation, because we have to travel to literacy classes, quite a distance away, three times a week.

We felt like horseback and walking would only have us sunburned, sore, and wasting hundreds of hours by the time it's all over, so we decided to try borrowing a motorcycle.

People were generous to lend us their motorcycles for the day, but three times a week, it was a run-around to find one available for borrowing, and then two out of three motorcycles that we borrowed broke down on us along the way to class. SO...all that to say: we bought a motorcycle.

We were hesitant for a couple reasons, but after taking her out to Likia today (a 1 1/2 hour drive on the moto), we quickly felt that we had made the very right decision. No more wild-goose-chases all week, no more missing parts or break-downs, no more stalling out on hills...(Lord willing!) (And for all those concerned: we're driving slowly on dirt roads and wearing really good helmets).

Tedd went out last night after the big purchase to rub mud all over the bike so that it wouldn't draw attention, being so new. We're weird, I know. We just don't want to look like rich gringos. Afterwards, he went to the gas station to fill up and the attendant kindly wiped all the mud off the bike. "Don't worry about it," Tedd said (thinking "Hey man, I just spend a lot of time getting this thing dirty.") But the kind worker just said "No, no, it's fine!" How nice. We got a good laugh out of that one.

Sooo...tonight, now that it's late and the whole town is in bed, I (Emily) am going to get my first driving lesson. Wish me well!!

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