Friday, July 30, 2010

ILTI 2010

Tedd & I love being a part of the International Literacy Training Institute (ILTI) each year.

Tedd attended as a participant in 2003; I attended in 2007 (less than a month after our wedding!), and now, for the past few years, we've been teaching a segment together!

As always, the participants were amazing and we loved the fellowship with brothers & sisters from all over the world.  This year, Africa was most-represented!  

We heard all kinds of incredible testimonies, including that of a Rwandan brother who escaped the infamous Rwandan Genocide when he was 13.  He ran away and hid in the swamps for many months after a band of Hutus raided his village and killed several of his family members.  A close friend of the family was responsible for the murder of his aunt, grandmother, and uncle & after the conflict had passed, his mother had the opportunity to accuse the man of murder, but she publicly forgave him b/c she was a Christian.  The former murderer became a follower of Jesus Christ because of the forgiveness he had received!

Tedd & I also had a time to share our testimonies.  (I cried, like always, sheesh)...

Our teaching segment this year was "The Overseas Method" - basically, teaching with LEI's primers overseas.  Our good friend Brent, from Purdue, came to help out as a mock-teacher so the participants could do a mock-training.  Here he's practicing the writing...

(above: Jerry, from Nigeria, practicing the primer lesson)

the participants

The ILTI is an intense 6 weeks of training for those who want to be able to not only teach someone to read and write, but to also train literacy teachers.  ILTI participants are also trained to teach English to speakers of other languages and they get a taste of overseas primer construction as well.  It's a lot of learning, but a blessed time of amazing fellowship, (good food :-), and meeting new friends from around the globe!  Wanna come next year????

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  1. I loved reading this and hearing all about it from you. It looks like amazing fellowship and a great time of training. Something I might consider doing sometime...praying about that... :)

    -Emily W.



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