Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Best Missionary...

"The best missionary is the Bible in the mother tongue..."
- Cameron Townsend (Wycliffe founder) -   
     We moved English Class C from a Mon/Tues/Wed schedule to a Mon/Wed/Fri schedule, but he didn't get the memo.  I was looking forward to having the night off last night (Tuesday), but as I approached the house after taking the dogs for a walk, there he was, leaning against the door and knocking.

       I took a deep bummed-out breath when I saw him from a distance (no class tonight, I thought, we should be having this night off, but since he didn't know, I'll go ahead and teach him).

       Surprisingly, I didn't have such a bad attitude about a change-of-plans like I normally would (thank You, Holy Spirit), so despite my bummed-outed-ness, I was in a pretty cheerful mood.  I put the dogs in the back of the house and let him in.

"There the night?"  
"Yes, we had class last night," I responded.
"Oh," he smiled awkwardly, "I could not my home." "My mother no understand me."

       We talked some more (he insisted on keeping the conversation in English, but it was a bit of a Spanglish dialogue).  He told me how he's never felt so lonely before.  He's sad, he's depressed, he's confused, and no one understands him.  He actually expressed very clearly in English that his "heart is empty."

       Are you kidding me?  You mean this guy's gonna walk right in here and hand me an opportunity to talk about Jesus, just like that?  This is what English Language Ministry is all about, and how exciting to see its purpose taking form in such a practical, wonderful way...but you know what?  I'm not very good at this stuff!  (Ironic, huh?)

       I told him that Jesus has given me peace, joy, and comfort when I've been sad, and that I have a relationship with Him and He's changed my life.  I suggested that he talk to God and read the Bible, because the Bible can bring light to his heart, because it has truth.  "Really?" he asked.  "Yes!  The Bible is alive, active, and can bring light to your heart."

"Oh, I no have," he said.
"You don't have a Bible?"

       Well, I got up from my chair and grabbed a Spanish NIV New Testament Bible that a short term team had donated (THANKS GUYS!!), and handed it to him.  "But if I give it to you, please read some of it."  He was delighted!

"Really?!?  I can not accept." 
"Yes you can!  See," I wrote his name on the front page, "it has your name in it, so it's yours."
He was all smiles.  "I will read tomorrow," he said, "I promise."

       We talked some more and when he left I told him we would pray for him.  Please pray with me, those of you who feel lead.  He has an empty heart that's searching desperately for purpose and peace, and the only One who can satisfy his heart is Jesus Christ.  The first time we met him, he was drunk; I think it's because he's depressed and looking for comfort.  Please pray that he'll read the Bible and that the Holy Spirit will reveal Christ to him as he reads the holy Scripture.


  1. Oh, praise the Lord for this progress! This story made me cry. Is this the same student that we stopped and prayed for one night?? I am so thankful for your opportunity to share Jesus with him and am praying that he will soon accept Christ's love and forgiveness!
    -Em W.

  2. Wonderful experience!!! You guys are making such a difference in that area...Love you guys!! We'll be praying for this young man!

  3. I will be praying! That's awesome!!!!

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  5. Anonymous12:37 PM

    Praise the Lord for that opportunity! Will be praying! :-)

  6. Georg1:21 PM

    PTL! Thanks for sharing and being a blessing to this young man.

  7. that's awesome!!

    ¡estare orando por el chico y por todo el trabajo que están haciendo por allá!

    Dios los Bendiga,

    Debbie R.

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  10. Anonymous5:09 PM

    God Is Blessing you! Thank you for sharing.

  11. Great to hear the reports of what GOD is doing all around the world. It brings perspective to how GOD is moving world wide. I am such a believer that if we move back and look at GOD's work all over the globe we can understand and appreciate Him on a much larger scale

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