Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Cooking for a Cause

I am so super psyched about this opportunity!  Let me preface...

When we meet people who have needs, we try our best to enable them, rather than just handing them money.  That's another part of literacy ministry that's so great - it enables people to educate themselves and have more opportunities. 

Ya know that great saying:
"Give a man a fish, feed him for a day.  Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime."

It's so true!
That's why I'm so excited.  Last week, our friend Walter started asking us about business ideas to help him provide for his family.  Their livelihood right now is selling tortillas, bringing less than $25 a week.  Tedd volunteered us to teach Walter & his wife how to make fried rice (my specialty ;-) and/or hamburgers so they could have something unique to sell out of their home.  We could help them invest in ingredients to get them going, and they could take the recipes and run with it from there!

So I made fried rice for Walter and he said he really liked it and we set a date to do a cooking class - that's tonight!!

I'm nervous.  I really want to help them.  I hope they'll like it, and others will like it, and maybe they can get a little money to help provide for their family.  It doesn't take much to start a little diner here; you just put up a sign outside your door and build interest - no papers, no permits, no inspectors, just sell good food and you make money.

We think hamburgers would be a big hit here among the locals, too, since no one is selling them.  Tedd makes a mean hamburger!  So maybe we'll be having hamburgers next week?

I hope to post pictures of our "cooking class" soon.  Wish me luck!  This is like a dream come true for me - cooking for a cause!

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