Wednesday, October 20, 2010

a day in the life

Tedd here. Going out to literacy class is always a learning experience. Last class was no exception. The ride out was nice because it hasn't rained in several days and so the dirt road was nice and dry as opposed to the typical soupy and slippery.

the moto on the way to class

A new fruit growing along the path to the church

I parked the bike and started hiking in to the church. The first house I get to is Bernardo's. He's one of our favorite literacy students and perhaps our favorite Nicaraguans....if Moses were still alive it would be a toss up for "most humble man". I walked in the house and Bernardo says, "God bless you brother. Sit down for a second because the dogs got an armadillo and we fried some for you." I was running behind schedule (for the first time ever : ) and eager to get to the church to start the literacy class but, culturally speaking, I had only one option - sit and eat armadillo. It was quite tasty - kinda like a cross between venison and chicken.


While I eat as quickly as possible, I enjoyed the conversation between Bernado and our most elderly student (86), Modesto, who had just gotten back after having a benign tumor removed from his back. It went like this:

Modesto: You know the doctor told me I could work again but that it wasn't good to get wet.
Tedd: So you're not taking any baths?
Modesto: (laughing) Of course I am, I take baths all day long....the doctor meant getting wet from the rain. He said that the rain-kind-of-wet can cause cysts and tumors.
Bernardo: You know what else is really bad about causing tumors is when, for example, you fall off a horse and hit some part of your body on the ground. The blood in that part of your body gets bruised and later on it can grow into a tumor.
Modesto: Oh well that's probably it then because one time I got thrown off my mule and landed on my back.
Bernardo: Then that must be it - bruised blood.


I finished the armadillo and we went to class. Modesto did super, despite having missed 3 weeks of class because of the tumor. Bernardo did extra well too, as did the other students. We read the story of Christ's resurrection and how we can live with God for eternity because he defeated death and offers us life. It was a good day. 12 more lessons to go!

Some pictures from the class:


  1. Too funny, the conversation that is. I'm laughing cause it's SOOOOOO true. These conversations are more normal than they should be:) Nicaraguans are the masters of 'old wives tales' hahaha

  2. I love it! The story cracks me up. And the picture of the moto on the Liquia road...absolutely gorgeous.



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