Wednesday, July 20, 2011

ILTI 2011

The International Literacy Training Institute (ILTI) this year was no disappointment to these ILTI fans!  Each year, friendships are formed and partnerships are developed, and we're happy to say that, despite the small group this year, many of the participants are going to be working full-time with Literacy & Evangelism International (LEI)!

Here are some pics of our time spent teaching and "fellowshipping" at the ILTI 2011:
tedd works w Pastor Phil Truesdale
Jacinda holds Ian during naptime
I taught the writing section
An owl drops in to chill for awhile at the LEI campus
I snuck up to it until I got really close!  I was so excited!!
Sila from the Congo practice-teaches the "What is Reading?" chapter
Ian was very flexible and hung out with us in the classroom while we taught & observed.
Ladies praying for Emily W. after she gave her testimony during chapel time
"M.K." from India teaches the Hindi primer lesson
Amy & I pretend to be students so the participants can practice-teach
Christa practice-teaches
Jacinda explains the Bible story lessons
Ian spends the evening outside in his diaper while his mommy & daddy play volleyball!!
We love the baby!!
The participants (& the Lodi)
Tedd works w/ Emily W.
Sila & Alexis (Congo) work together on teaching a primer lesson in their native tongue

We're so excited about each participant and their passion to work in ministry.  We anticipate that God will do many great things in and through their lives, and we await opportunities to see them again in the future (maybe even in their countries)!!


  1. Good times! :)

    By the way, I like the blog's new look!

  2. Hey, love your literacy blog, Tedd & Em. I wondered one thing--would it show opening the eyes of the blind if you showed a person with blinders on & then with the blinders off? Or could you add the word 'illiteracy' on the white cover on M.K.'s head? The pic you have is dramatic, but do people get the message? OK, thanks, LJG



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