Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Road Trip - August 2011

We recently returned from a long road trip up to New Jersey with baby Ian.  He handled it like a trooper, but it sure wasn't the same as traveling with just the two of us!

The trip was full of silly songs, peek-a-boos, and chewy toys - all to keep Ian preoccupied as we trekked the 24-hour roadtrip.  Even an unopened bag of chips proved to be entertaining...whatever it took!

The trip back was a little easier because we stopped to visit ministry partners and friends along the way.
With Mike & Chris Lenz
First stop, West Virginia.  We had a nice dinner with John & Chelsea Smith, the kids of Mike & Chris Lenz.  Then we spent a couple days with the Lenzes and visited the church they pastor, which supports us through LEI, and we were able to share a bit and sing, as well as fellowship with the believers there.  We always feel encouraged and spiritually uplifted when we visit!

We also made some new friends during our stay...
After leaving West Virginia, we stopped in Kentucky to visit Ian's great Aunt Karen.  I'm disappointed I forgot to take a picture, but it was a really nice visit.
Then, next stop, Nashville.  We stayed the night with the Dysons, friends of LEI and missionaries to Africa for several decades, who have a wealth of amazing stories to share.  Tedd and Kenyon worked together to film a few of the Dysons' stories about literacy work in Africa to tag on to the literacy training videos that are in the works for LEI.  We really enjoyed our time there with them!
And last stop before home...Uncle Evan!  My brother Evan (no pic again, bummer) is also getting involved with a ministry in Conway, Arkansas, called Young Life.  He's prayerfully decided to go on staff, a position that is funded by donations and gifts from fellow believers, and I'm so excited for him...Young Life is certainly a passion of his!  
moving into our bedroom in our new (old) home
And then, finally, home.  Where's home now?  Well, just after getting back to Arkansas, we packed all our belongings and moved into "the Queen."  A very big event in our lives, for sure!  Now we're trying to work on as many projects on our old home as we possibly can before we go back to Nicaragua for a short visit in the Fall.

Visiting Nicaragua again will be very different than ever before now that we're with our little one.  

For those of you who pray for us, we ask your prayers for:
  • Wisdom for Tedd and me as we travel with the baby, and as we seek out more literacy training opportunities.
  • Health and safety for Ian (and that his passport will arrive in time)!
  • For closeness to the Lord and discipline to daily read His Word and spend time in prayer.

Thank you all for your love and prayers.  We will check in again soon!

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