Saturday, June 30, 2012

Guatemala Partnership: Official!!

After visiting in the Fall as a family, Tedd returned to Guatemala solo in April to solidify our LEI partnership with LAMP!  Tedd writes...


We have new partners in crime......divine crime to be exact.  We're fighting to take back souls held captive by our adversary, the devil, and his legion of demons and evil spirits.  When training literacy workers, we often tell them that Satan doesn't want people to read because God wrote a book.  That book has forever changed my life, and I want it to do the same for others all over the world.  

For many years now (a decade to be exact), I've been traveling to different parts of the world to train volunteers to become literacy teachers in their own languages.  Over the years, though, and especially recently, Emily and I have become convinced that it's time to identify the national workers who have been faithful to teach people how to read as a service to God and to their fellow brother or sister.  We are now focusing our efforts on creating partnerships and new teams in each latin american country where there is considerable need for literacy.  As such, we are excited about our new partnership with LAMP in Guatemala. 

LAMP has been working in Guatemala for over a decade and has pioneered literacy work among the Mam people.  They have a committed team of 4 workers and work through the local churches to implement Bible-based literacy.   LAMP was founded by Wycliffe missionaries Andy and Karen Vaters who continue to oversee the work in an advisory role.  Byron Feliciano is the current coordinator of LAMP and brings a wealth of skills and experience to the table.  I encourage you to check out more about this ministry at

LEI and LAMP - Go team!!
In April/May I was in Guatemala meeting with the leadership of LAMP.   We spent over a week in daily meetings to discuss and pray about how we can work together as one force in Guatemala.  Many great goals came out of our time together as well as a revived vision to reach other parts and people groups of Guatemala.  The Mam language is merely one of almost 30 different languages in Guatemala!

Boxes of the New Testament in "Mam."  LAMP is teaching the Mam people to read so they can benefit from the precious Word of God translated into their mother tongue.
A kiss for Daddy upon his safe arrival home
Please join us in prayer for our ongoing partnership with LAMP so that many people in Guatemala will know God. 

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