Wednesday, August 8, 2012

ILTI 2012

Early this summer we spent 5 full weeks in Tulsa, Oklahoma, taking part in the annual International Literacy Training Institute (ILTI).  It is a five-week intensive look at the many facets of the ministry of Literacy & Evangelism International (LEI) and how to teach and train using the different curricula.
Tedd teaching at this year's ILTI

We typically stay for only two of the five weeks to teach the "Overseas Literacy Method," which essentially equips participants to train teachers to do literacy work in any particular language.  This year we stayed all five weeks because we taught the above section, but also Tedd was the "ILTI director" which means he had the responsibility of overseeing/directing the entire training.
Tedd teaches the majority of the Overseas Literacy Method

I (Emily) spent time team-teaching with Tedd, assisting with random ILTI Director tasks, taking photos for future LEI publications, and of course! I spent the majority of the time being a momma.
Teaching the participants how to use "syllable cards."

During the five-week stay, all of the participants, and some LEI staff (including us), stay together under the same roof, studying, playing, doing chores, eating, etc.  That said, the fellowship and community that is experienced during this time is very special.  We become like a little family, and the fact that 8 different countries were represented this year made the whole experience that much sweeter.
All of the ILTI 2012 staff and participants.  Can you spot us??

Ian brought a fresh wave of youthful energy to the mix for sure!  All throughout the training he provided the amusing pitter-patter of running feet, little waves to say hello, and lots of giggles and grins to those who liked to get him riled up.
Ian with his good pal Rev. Innocent from Cote d'Ivoire

We are grateful to be a part of this training each year and hope to participate for many years to come in some form or another.  We joked that Ian would be ready to teach part of the ILTI by the time he's 12 after seeing us do it year after year!  This was his second ILTI already.
Ian helps his daddy observe the class - last year at ILTI 2011 :)
If you're interested in taking part in this training, we'll soon be accepting applications for ILTI 2013, so please get in touch with us and ask questions!  You'll be equipped to do English Language Ministry (teaching English to speakers of other languages using Bible content) and to do Literacy Ministry Overseas (teaching people to read and write in their native languages using Bible content), along with being equipped with a myriad of other ministry tools that could be useful in your area of work, whether in the USA or overseas.  Hope to hear from ya!

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