Saturday, September 22, 2012

Fun In Tulsa

This post is long overdue, but I didn't want to skip it!  We spent the first chunk of our summer helping to teach and direct the 2012 International Literacy Training Institute (ILTI) (we wrote about that here), and while it was an intense 5+ weeks, we also got to have some fun!  Wanted to share a few photos of our time in Tulsa.
Ian's first time at the zoo!  Daddy watches Ian's reaction to a real-live elephant.
Petting Zoo (@ the Tulsa Zoo)
We went with a missionary family and their four children.  The Biederman kids are so sweet with Ian!
Another night we prepared an exciting Indian feast to share with the participants.  It was a labor of love and soooo worth it!

Ian loves curry.
The Indian Feast
Each afternoon, after a long day of classes and hard work, we got in a little exercise by playing volleyball (which is fast becoming an ILTI tradition).

Check out Tedd's mad serving skills!
The Biederman kids play with Ian

Watching Veggie Tales during a playdate
Watermelon fanatics
The participants also had the opportunity to go to the aquarium, and we joined in on the adventure.  It was Ian's first time to an aquarium, and he really liked the scuba divers and the sharks (who were not in the same tank, I should add).
scuba divers clean the tanks
Ian's FAVORITE exhibit.  He stood and watched the sharks for a good 15+ minutes (that's a long time for a 15-month-old!), and he would squeal and shout when they would swim by.
A lot of firsts for baby boy!  Pizza!  A big boy slice just for Ian.
Went to an estate sale with Jacinda & Emily (who were also involved in assisting with the ILTI)
We have lots to write about here on our missions blog; I just have to play catch up now!  We're saying good-bye to summer and looking forward to this Fall.  We're expecting a little girl in November/December, and there are a couple of big mission opportunities that we'll be packing in before her arrival - so there will be plenty to write about!  Stay tuned!

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