Saturday, March 30, 2013

Guatemala Spring 2013

Tomorrow marks the start of our fourth week in Central America as a family of four.  It's definitely been more challenging than ever, but, at the same time, there's been more joy and more blessing than ever before as we share our lives with the folks here.  Children overseas are like food - they transcend culture and provide a basis of common ground that connects people all over the world at a heart level.  So we're deeply grateful to God for these two little miracles he's entrusted us with and for the ways that he's already incorporating them into the work He's given us to do.
Tedd & Ian share watermelon between meetings
Taking a time out to play with baby Nors
Ready to go to market with the kiddos; Folks literally giggled out loud when they saw Nora & Ian with their sunglasses.
Goin' to town
Market Day in Comitancillo
Nora receives much attention wherever we go!
For the first week and a half of our trip overseas, we stayed in Comitancillo, Guatemala meeting with our new sister organization "LAMP."  The LAMP workers have been doing an amazing work among their people - the Mam - to teach them to read and write so that the Bibles translated in their language will be useful to them.  Our co-worker Jacinda (Short Term Teams Coordinator) and our sister in Christ, Emily, joined us.
Jacinda & Emily joined us for part of the trip.  They were such a blessing!
Mam Literacy Class
The exciting goal that we have formed in our new partnership with LAMP is to reach beyond the Mam language and form literacy works in multiple languages found all over Guatemala.  LAMP will be expanding their vision with us to reach out to several people groups that lack access to the Bible in their language because of illiteracy.

Reading from the Bibles
Practicing writing
Mam literacy teachers
LAMP worker, Maria, reads the Bible along with her students
Byron, LAMP director, smiling with his mom and wife and daughter
After returning to the capital from Comitancillo, we enjoyed a fun-filled day with friends who purchased a piñata for Ian's birthday and the gals made a chocolate cake (with ingredients brought from the US).  We enjoyed our time with them so much!
Our last night in Guatemala was a blast!
Ian and his Mickey Mouse piñata 
After the first two weeks in Guatemala, we were on our way to our beloved Nicaragua!


  1. Mkavana851@aol7:31 AM

    As always thank you for your service unto the Lord's people... Happy Easter!

  2. What a blessing to see how God is using your beautiful family! Thank you for sharing with us and for your dedication to God! He is risen! Happy Easter! God bless and protect! Love you guys!

  3. Anonymous11:50 AM

    I love the watermelon picture!!! Awesome work you guys. I'm so proud of you. Sis Byers



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