Monday, May 13, 2013

Nicaragua - Spring 2013

Why hello there!  It already feels like ages since we were in Nicaragua, as we really hit the ground running upon returning home just a couple weeks ago.

In a nutshell, the trip was fruitful and full of fellowship with old friends.

Some quick points about our time in Nicaragua (almost 4 weeks):

  • Stayed for a few weeks with a family 
  • Ian learned tons of Spanish (he went from vocab words to full sentences)
  • Jacinda & Emily joined us for a few days 
  • We visited several churches (including where we taught literacy)
  • We visited several old students, co-workers in literacy work, and friends (people always seem so pleased that we actually come back to see them!)
  • Two trainings took place
  • A new leader was equipped and trained
  • There were important meetings and discussions
  • And to top it all off our pastor came to visit us!

And now for the good part....roll footage....

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