Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The ILTI 2013

The "ILTI" (Literacy & Evangelism's annual International Literacy Training Institute) has become a very special part of our lives, this year's ILTI now being our 7th to attend as a couple.  This was already Ian's 3rd time to be in Tulsa for the training and Nora's first

As always, we were blessed by the Christ-followers who came from all over the world to spend 5 weeks in Tulsa, training in various aspects of the Literacy & Evangelism ministry.  We had folks from several countries in Africa, some guys from Myanmar, others serving overseas from America, Latin America represented -- it was just awesome.

We all live under one roof for the 5 weeks and the community becomes like a family.  Listening to their individual testimonies throughout the training was always broadening my perspective of how God is working around the globe.
Tedd directed the ILTI this year and we both taught a portion (for a week and a half).  It was busy and intense.  The dynamics change with little ones on board as well!!  Ian and Nora kept us on our toes, brought some youthful energy to the building, and made lots of international friends.

It is a joy to serve at ILTI each year!

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