Friday, July 26, 2013

Persecution & A Taste of Heaven

While we attended the ILTI this summer, there was a participant from a country with heavy persecution against Christians.  There you face being fired from your job and losing friends and family for even attending a church meeting.

It got me thinking.  Would I be willing to lose my job just to go to church?  Do I value our church gatherings so much that I would face persecution in order to attend?

Will I value Christ above all things even as persecution creeps into the United States?  Christians are becoming more and more despised as we stand by the Bible amidst a culture that glorifies the gods of relativism and humanism.

This man from the country of Persecution said that his time at the 5-week ILTI was like a true taste of Heaven for him.  Because for the first time, he was surrounded by a community of Christ-followers from all over the world, living in unity, and experiencing the freedom of worshipping Christ together and enjoying our faith together.

For him it is rare to be in fellowship with other Christians because they are scarce.  So so scarce.

Friend, if you're reading this and you are a Christ-follower, please join with me in not taking our Christian fellowship for granted.  Let's thank God for our Christian friends, our church community, and for the freedom we still have to worship the One True God through Jesus Christ!


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