Sunday, September 1, 2013

India 2013 (Bengali Primer Construction)

Greetings from India.  Tomorrow we start the 2 week Bengali Primer Construction here in Satali, West Bengal. We are working with our dear friends and colleagues Gyan & Chrystella. After that, we will be continuing to study Hindi intensively.  Please pray for wisdom, courage, strength, stamina, good health, and inspiration as the local team (4 story writers) begin creating the lessons tomorrow.

The kids are adjusting well, though the first several days were rough as we all had our days and our nights mixed up.  Ian likes all the animals that roam about in the village where we're staying.  Nora gets many village visitors who marvel at her whiteness..."whiter than milk!" one said.  Yesterday, she took her first baby steps at 9 1/2 months!  Below are a few photos we've snapped so far:

Fell asleep during a diaper change....a first.  #jet-lag

Fascination with the portable fan

Enjoying the rain from the front porch at Gyan's house

Practicing reading - local literacy class in Satali, West Bengal. 

Photo taken from an advanced tutoring class - helping students who are struggling in school and would otherwise dropout. 

Ian chasing chickens

Ian "driving"....he wasn't phased by the steering wheel being on the right. 

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