Thursday, November 27, 2014


Happy Thanksgiving!!!

A quick update: 

In the fall, I went down to Guatemala with Pierce, a good friend and fellow church member of River Valley Community Church.  We spent time training the literacy team there, especially the newest members of the team.  Pierce feels a calling to serve in Latin America and will be returning to Guatemala for language training in January.    

After returning from the training in Guatemala, I went to Indiana and Illinois with a few colleagues to help strengthen our partnerships with The Bible League Intl. and One Mission Society (OMS).  Over the past several years, both of these groups have increasingly embraced literacy as a tool for building the church.  They each have a long and rich history,  so to now partner with them to help people access God’s word for themselves is hugely exciting!  

Currently, we are focusing on raising prayer and financial support for national missionaries in Latin America, to supplement the local support that they are required to raise.  Please pray for these national missionaries to stay encouraged through this process as it’s extremely challenging to raise support for a full time gospel workers in Latin America.  

In other news, we’re expecting our baby girl any day now!  Lot’s of suspense!  Emily is doing well and we’re both just trying to prepare mentally and emotionally.  Even though this is our third pregnancy, I’m just as amazed now as with the the first.  The fact that a life can start from a couple of microscopic molecules, and in 9 months time grow into a fully functioning human being (trillions of cells) is nothing short of a miracle!  

What a testament to the power of God and his great creativity.  Please pray for a healthy and safe birth for Emily and the baby, and pray against the return of cholestasis (a condition she developed with her 1st pregnancy).  We’re thankful for the encouragement and support of the people around us during this special time. 

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