Tuesday, October 21, 2014

LAMP Team growing in Guatemala

In any endeavor, one of the keys to success is getting the right people on board.  I thank God that He’s raised up dedicated and committed servants to form a strong ministry team in Guatemala. 

LAMP is a fitting name for their group; it stands for “Lámpara a mis pies,” a "light to my feet," to borrow the Psalmist's metaphor of the Bible being the lamp that guides us.  This love for that lamp is what drives LAMP and its talented staff.  

It is my honor to introduce four new national missionaries, each uniquely gifted and passionate about transforming the lives of the people around them….giving the gift of reading/writing, thus granting access to the living Word of God.

Eliceo Pérez Dionicio

Eliceo is a full time literacy promoter and teacher for LAMP.  He travels to different churches each day to supervise and teach the different literacy classes operating in the local churches. He also helps translates literacy materials into Mam. 

Carolina Perdomo
Carolina is from Colombia and has been working with the LAMP team for two years now.  She has received extensive linguistic training with Wycliffe and other literacy organizations.  She currently serves LAMP as a master trainer and strategic planner, training leaders and helping them to develop results-based project plans.  Carolina also specializes in various aspects of women's ministry.

Yovany & Esmeralda Hernández

 As literacy coordinators for the Central Guatemala Region, Yovany and Esmeralda are working to equip local churches to develop self-sustaining literacy ministries. For the church, it’s an incredibly effective tool to disciple and share the gospel. Their work includes promoting the ministry in churches, training volunteer teachers, and supervising the literacy classes. 

Please pray for the whole LAMP team in their efforts to raise prayer and financial support locally.  We thank God for answering our prayers for more workers in the harvest!

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