Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I should be in bed...

It's very late.  I'm such a night owl, but how can I resist this great wi-fi signal??  I must write a new post!

Well we're in Nicaragua moseying around, trying to meet up with as many people as possible from the training we did back in November.  But I'm really writing to tell you about the training we just had the honor of hosting in Guatemala!

Getting Straight to the Points: ('cause we really just wanna see pictures!)
  • God answered our (and your) prayers and brought a spectacular group to the training.  We had such a diverse group: Mexico/Laos/the US/Guatemala/Panama/and Peru were all represented, they went from 16 years to 70-something, from Mennonite to Pentecostal - and the best part is, we all got along GREAT as the body of Christ (PTL!!)
  • We went from only having 4 confirmed participants a week before the training, to having 11 by the time the training took place!
  • All participants graduated from the training and will go back to their respective areas to ignite literacy ministries (Lord willing!!) - some are even planning to work as native missionaries in indigenous villages.  Another Guatemalan lady is planning to be a missionary to Sudan - she leaves this January!!
  • The Mennonite Retreat Center, where we hosted the training, was sooo beautiful, peaceful, and charming, as you can hopefully gather from some of the pictures below:

The most important lesson - introducing the name of Jesus!

Participant practice-teaching (how literacy is relevant in Scripture)

Tedd demonstrates a Spanish literacy lesson written in Hindi script to give students an idea of how it feels to learn to read for the first time!

playing a game to memorize the famous 5 steps

students practice-teaching
A 3-month old calf I grew fond of

chowin' down

Tedd tries to milk the cow - not as easy as it looks!

making tortillas to go along with supper

To see more pictures of this training and center, click here!

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w/ love, T&E


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